Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bad Masses Weaken The Faith says Vatican Official (Well DUH)

I want to scream NO KIDDING SHERLOCK (or its more vulgar version) but they're on my side. Just happy a high-ranking English-speaking prelate finally came out and said it. We all knew that on the ground but when it comes to the clergy, bad masses, bad songs, bad singing, bad everything is the elephant in the room.

This should raise a major facepalm:

The English translation of Father Bux's book title would be, "How to Go to Mass and Not Lose Your Faith."

Um and here's another problem:
Unfortunately, he said, too many priests and bishops treat violations of liturgical norms as something that is unimportant when, in fact, they are "serious abuses."

When large numbers of clergy treat the mass killing of unborn children as unimportant, it's not really surprising that they don't think that using Eucharistic Ministers is all that big a deal. Cardinal Turcotte didn't think abortion should be re-criminalized. Think he's upset about the people not standing or kneeling at the appointed times?

Here's the deal Vatican officials: you must restore a sense of obedience in the priests. As long as everyone is buddy-buddy and people who are soft on Magisterial teaching continue to be ordained, bad Masses and defections will continue to happen. You can appeal to the "New Evangelization" all you want, if the priests aren't buying, neither will the faithful.


If a bishop were to attempt to ordain a woman, he'd be gone faster than you can say "Amen".

Why shouldn't it be the case with bishops who ordain priests who are not obedient to the faith?

The only transgression that gets the Vatican's prompt and undivided attention is a threat to the hierarchy.

Why isn't the ordination of unworthy candidates not considered a serious problem?

Appointing good bishops helps but the problem is that even some "good bishops" still ordain crappy priestly candidates.

They should be accountable to someone for their poor choices. This crap has got to stop.