Wednesday, December 05, 2012

MPP Cheri Di Novo Hostile to Constituent While Going Door to Door

I remember when an NDP candidate came to my door and I asked him about abortion and his stance. When I finally revealed mine, he had the nerve to not want to shake my hand.

I took the time to talk to him, and he wouldn't show me elementary politeness.

Not classy at all.

MPP turns hostile, resorts to name-calling at constituent’s door

TORONTO- A woman in the riding of Parkdale-High Park was verbally accosted at the door by her MPP during a discussion about issues in her area.

The woman, a 49 year old resident living on Landsdowne Avenue, received a visit on November 13th from Cheri DiNovo, the NDP critic of Women’s Issues, who was petitioning against the expected train traffic increase during the Pan Am Games. She raised concerns about the recently passed Bill 33 transgender rights legislation, which was championed by DiNovo.

At this, she says, Ms. DiNovo turned hostile.

“She didn't want to even have a conversation,” says the troubled resident. “When I tried to defend myself and express my worry that a man, any man, might try to claim to be "transgendered" in order to enter a washroom to rape a girl or young woman, she said ‘that will never happen’.”

The woman, who wishes her name not be published, says she was stunned to receive such a response from her political representative.

“What I'm really upset about is her name calling. She called me ‘transphobic’ several times. A very good friend of my family is transgendered. I really did try to engage her in a conversation but she didn't want to talk.”

Others are receiving the same kind of response. The Family Coalition Party of Ontario has been distributing information about Bill 33 in Parkdale-High Park. They have since been threatened with a lawsuit by the NDP.

“We asked NDP leader Andrea Horwath and Cheri DiNovo to sit down and discuss the matter, providing them the opportunity to explain how this bill will not affect public safety”, reads a statement on the FCP website.

“As a provincial political Party we are gravely concerned to see public representatives unwilling to be forthright about public matters, especially one of such a sensitive nature.”