Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting Real On The New Evangelization

SoCon or Bust:

We simply will not be able to change the Culture without getting the Church to wake up and address the problems within itself.   The “New Evangelization” will never succeed if it is left to some marketing program or legal fiction.  At the end of the day, if you don’t really believe and live what your Faith teaches, you’re not going to convert anyone.  No gimmick is going to convert anyone.  Bullsht doesn’t have wings.  And therefore it won’t fly.

Either the Catholic Church will shape the Culture or the Culture will shape the Church.  Or, in other words, either the Church will evangelize the Culture or the Culture will evangelize the Church.  It’s a zero sum game.  Either Evangelization or Reverse Evangelization.


Faithful Catholics have been poorly served by the Canadian bishops and the theologian kings over the past 50 years.  We have to endure the wink-wink, wink-wink, nudge-nudge-I-didn’t-actually-say-that-but-boy-am-I-letting-my-underlings-carry-the-ball heretical nonsense.

My dream is to have the No-Bullsh*t synod.

Not the bullsh*t clerical gatherings that we have where the bishops try to shoehorn what they really think to "fit" Catholic teaching so that it is nominally orthodox and it all seems to fit together.

I would like a gathering where everyone lays their cards on the table and answers this question: do you believe Catholic doctrine as it is stated, according to its spirit, or not?

Like do you believe contraceptive sex is a sin? Do you think gender in an inherent part of humanity? Do you believe in the equality of the unborn? Are you ready to bar homosexuals from the priesthood?

Let's just lay all our cards on the table.

And then send the results to Rome.

And see what the Pope has to say about all this.

We can't change what we don't acknowledge. If the Church wants to evangelize, then it has to come to the realization it has been shoveling theological manure for at least fifty years (because nothing appears spontaneously).

If we don't believe in salvation, if we don't believe souls can be lost, then we won't be successful. There are lots of churches dishing out pap, and their doctrinal and canonical discipline is much less stringent than ours. Why should anyone looking for pap come to the Church?

If you come to the Church, it's because you're looking for meat. The meat of universal truth, reason, supernatural faith, Sacred Tradition and historicity. Not the pap of "personal interpretation", here-and-now politicized left-wing social justicea activism and theology-a-la-carte. The United Church is real big on that. If that's Jesus-y enough for you, maybe the Anglicans might suit you better, although Jesus just seems to be code for "divine poster child of the political cause du jour."

You wonder what the bishops believe if they don't believe in the meat of our faith?