Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Opposition to Abortion Has Meant More Single Mothers

I don't necessarily agree with everything this writer says, but my instinct says that she's right about her main point:

That opposition to abortion has led to more single mothers.

I think that pro-lifers have accepted single (and especially teen) motherhood as the lesser evil.

I think there is a lot less judgement of young mothers. The attitude seems to be: anybody can make a mistake. There is so much pressure to have sex, and so many of these young women don't have a clue about chastity, so it's basically inevitable.

Pro-lifers have been successful in promoting opposition to abortion, but less so in creating the sexual environment that leads to a culture of life ethic.

I think one reason this happens is that while chastity is all well and good for teens, it is just about never promoted among adults.

If adults are not expected to be chaste, why should teens? Where is the outreach for them?

Something to think about.