Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is Not Your Grandfather's Pro-Life Movement

It's delicious when the Toronto Star prints:

Progressives cannot assume that the abortion debate is settled.
What a difference a decade makes!

Remember when Jean Chr├ętien said the abortion debate is settled and all the media toed the line?

I think the turning point came with the Great Canadian Wish List contest. Sure, it was just a facebook contest. But Web 2.0 and especially social media has really evened up the score.

And the idea that fetal rights crusaders are on their last gasps is wishful thinking.

We got this far. We're going to keep going and we won't stop until all human beings are recognized as such and that their right to life is protected.

We will win if only because we'll have more kids and the pro-aborts will abort themselves out of existence.