Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Will Abortion End in Mississippi if its Last Clinic Closes?


Abortion will change venues.

Instead of women going to a clinic, they will Google "abortion pills" and order them online.

That will present its own problems.

We might as well think about it now, because we will have to face it in the future.

How do we reach abortion-minded women about to abort when they're not walking down the street?

How do we fight abortion when the abortionists are anonymous online pharmacists, possibly from foreign countries where their activities are legal or at at least unprosecuted?

The next series of abortion restrictions may not be about clinics but online pharmacies. We may have to investigate criminalizing the sale of abortion pills through the Internet. I can't believe it's legal in the United States or anywhere in the Western World, but the pills are readily available.

The future of Operation Rescue might not be exposing dirty abortion clinics, but the abortion pills stockpiles in seedy warehouses run by shady pharmacists who can't get a job anywhere else because of some conviction or disciplinary action.

Shutting down abortion clinics will help the pro-life cause. But it won't stop abortion.

It could even make fighting abortion more difficult.