Wednesday, February 06, 2013

France: Three Investigations for Baby Who Died in Utero

Three investigations are underway --medical, legal and administrative-- in the wake of an unborn baby's death in Paris, France.

The baby died after his mother was turned away from Port-Royal Maternity Hospital on January 31st, due to a lack of beds. The pregnancy was low risk and it was at term.

When the mother returned on February 1st, the baby was stillborn.

Port-Royal Hospital is France's largest maternity hospital and is classified as a  Level II centre -- meaning it takes in the most serious cases. Two other maternity hospitals were closed, and Port-Royal had to absorb their patients.

I find it interesting that there was no qualms about investigating this death of an unborn child. Unlike here in Canada.

I loved this quote from the spokesperson for the midwives' association in France:

"Mais on a perdu le sens de la naissance, déplore-t-elle. Quand on est enceinte, on n'est pas malade. Aujourd'hui, on ne parle que de risques à la femme enceinte."

We have lost all sense of birth, she says When one is pregnant, one is not sick. Today, we speak only of the risks to the pregnant woman."