Monday, February 18, 2013

It's time for Canada to Collect and Publish Accurate Abortion Numbers

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

I think it should be the subject of a parliamentary motion in the future.

My big beef with pro-life strategy lately is this.

We've had some good motions, like M-312 and M-408.

The problem is that no journalist demands politicians answer the fundamental question raised by each.

For instance, with M-312, no journalist stuck a mic under a pro-abort politician's nose and demanded: when do you believe human life begins?

For M-408, someone should ask a pro-abort politician: Isn't it contradictory to oppose a motion you actually believe in? What message does that send to those who practice sex-selection abortion in Canada and around the world?

For a motion proposing an accurate collection and publication of abortion stats, the correct question is: what do you have to hide? Don't the public have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent?

I realize it's a matter of having journalists on our side. Still, it's a crucial element we must iron out. We can't just keep raising motions with the goal of putting the issue onto the public agenda. We've succeeded in doing that, very good. Now these proposals must be put forward in such a manner that they challenge the dominant narrative of abortion in this country and change people's minds.

We're not putting abortion on the political agenda for its own sake. We have to move the ball forward in changing public opinion and eventually getting pro-life legislation.