Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yes, Joyce Arthur, You DO think sex-selection abortion is a basic human right

Joyce Arthur:
“I have never said what Jeff Watson claims I did in his survey. He’s tried to sum up what he thinks our position is, but he’s put his own anti-choice spin on it,” she said. “He’s inserted this phrase ‘at any time, for any reason — including for sex-selection or birth control’ as if it’s part of my position and it’s not.”

Have you ever seen such a blatant case of projection? She says he's putting spin on her words, when she's putting spin on his.

Does Joyce Arthur think a woman has the right to decide to have an abortion based of the sex of the fetus?

Of course she does.

“He’s not being malicious about it, he just doesn’t understand where we’re coming from,” she said. “I’m speaking out against it because it’s a misrepresentation of the pro-choice position and it’s accompanied by a lot of misinformation and prejudices against women.”

Where is the misrepresentation?

She doesn't like how it sounds to others-- her support of sex-selection abortion as a basic human right.

But she does in effect support people's right to have an abortion for any reason at all at any time.

In particular, Arthur says Watson’s concerns about abortion happening “at any time” or being used as a form of birth control casts women as thoughtless or irresponsible.

She's trying to deflect the issue.

If a woman were to want an abortion on her way to the hair salon in the eighth month of pregnancy, would Joyce Arthur think that was her right?

Of course she would.

If that's your position on abortion, then wear it, Joyce Arthur. Don't run from your convictions.

We're criticizing them. You defend them.

If you do not believe that it is NOT a woman's right to have an abortion in the eighth month of pregnancy, then simply state "I do not think it's a woman's right to have an abortion in the eighth month of pregnancy."

And if you do not believe it is a woman's right, then stop trying to thwart people from protecting the unborn at that stage of pregnancy.