Sunday, March 24, 2013

1.4 Million March for Traditional Marriage in Paris; Kids, Elderly Tear-Gassed

Today 1.4 million people marched in Paris to uphold traditional marriage.

This is the largest social conservative rally I have ever seen.

The parade route was packed for kilometres.

Here are two excellent videos, one from and another from KTO.


The Champs-Elysées, the most famous street in Paris, had been denied to them as a parade route in what was a politically motivated decision by the head of the police. Needless to say, many were livid.

 As a result, a number of protesters tries to access the Champs-Elysées. The riot police were out in forced and blocked their way.

They sprayed tear gas into the crowd, and unfortunately, many innocent people were targeted, including children, like Athenais aged 7, and Calixte aged 9.

And these two girls:

And these elderly gentlemen.

Here's a video of the scene where the protesters tried to access the Champs-Elysées.

Link Dump of French articles:

"Manif pour tous" : les débordements font polémique, la droite s'insurge -- Le Monde

La Manif pour Tous
: official website.

Manif pour tous : les organisateurs revendiquent 1,4 million de manifestants -- Libération

Manif pour tous : Christine Boutin victime de gaz lacrymogène. A former minister of the Sarkozy government was also caught in the tear gas crossfire.

Le Figaro has a nice photo gallery.


A reader at Le Salon Beige-- France's premier social conservative blog-- reports that a Paris police officer has been suspended for having tear-gassed a stroller-- it was empty at the time.

The father of the baby who would have been in that stroller give the police officer a head butt. The police officer suffered a number of injuries including two nose fractures. The father was arrested and tried to plead self-defense, but was sentenced to a month in prison and one euro fine (?).  The police officer is suspended and under investigation.