Friday, March 01, 2013

Damian Goddard Comments on Father Raymond Gravel and LifeSiteNews

This is a video blog from former Sportsnet presenter Damian Goddard.

SOD #8 - Three Priests from Damian Goddard on Vimeo.

In it, he tells the story of three priests, including that of Fr. Raymond Gravel, and why he is suing LifeSiteNews.

This story, in particular, needs to be told, so people do not forget that this dissident Quebec priest-- whom no bishop has publicly chastised in Quebec-- is suing LifeSiteNews for having exposed him for his heretical views.

To me, the most egregious example of Fr. Gravel's opposition to Church teaching is his rejection of fetal rights.

He calls himself "pro-choice" and maintains that his views are in line with Church teaching.

Which is complete non-sense to anyone who has ever opened up the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Paragraph 2273 says:
As a consequence of the respect and protection which must be ensured for the unborn child from the moment of conception, the law must provide appropriate penal sanctions for every deliberate violation of the child's rights.

It's right there in black and white that the State must uphold sanctions for violating the rights of unborn child, but he has the nerve to state that he upholds Catholic teaching.

My small quibble with this video is that it also omits addressing the Development and Peace scandal, which is an important element of the story.

Fr. Raymond Gravel decided to sue LifeSiteNews after it exposed D & P giving money to partners who support and lobby for legalized abortion, contraception and or homosexuality.

Note, that the spin the Quebec media and that D & P puts on it is what LifeSiteNews doesn't want them working with any pro-abortion group.

That is not the objection.

The objection to D & P's modus operandi was that it donated money collected from Catholic parishes to pro-abortion groups, and since money is fungible, it could indirectly contribute to the advancement of their anti-life agenda.

Every time LSN exposed another pro-abortion partner, Development and Peace lost donors. The Catholic hierarchy would also receive complaints about these activities, and eventually the Archbishops of Ottawa and Toronto decided to supervise more closely where the money was going, resulting in less money and freedom for Development and Peace.

This success in reining in Development and Peace is what motivated Fr. Raymond Gravel to sue LifeSiteNews.(This document in French explains his motives. This is my translation in English.)

He is not simply upset that he thinks LSN lied about him.

He wants to shut it down for ideological reasons.

This is why we must continue to remind Catholics and people of good will of what he is doing.

And I hope that if anyone in the Vatican is reading --(Dare I hope that my readership includes cardinals?) please let it be known that we need a pope who will take action against this priest, or at the very least his bishop Gilles Lussier of Joliette. And that a new orthodox bishop is named in his stead, so that Fr. Gravel is stopped, or at the very least disciplined for opposing Catholic doctrine.

LifeSitewNews has been of enormous service to the Catholic Faith and the Culture of Life worldwide. It cannot be allowed to shut down.

As a special favour to me, please spread this video so that Catholics, pro-lifers and other people of good will are informed or reminded of what Fr. Raymond Gravel is doing.