Monday, March 18, 2013

Link Pope Pourri: Francis, Ex-Gays, Contraception Police Over-reach, Catholic Pomp, etc

I just can't seem to limit myself to one story per blog post, so here goes:

Interview with the Pope's sister. Doesn't really say anything I didn't know already, but still interesting. I expect quite a few of these interviews, especially since we don't really know him very well.

Fr.Z on why Red Shoes (and other features of Catholic pomp) are important. Hint: It's not about you.

Minnesota legislator's remark about "gay lifestyle” causes stir. Introducing an ex-gay in the legislature apparently is offensive. Creative Minority has commentary.

Brian Lilley blogs about a police officer who destroyed pictures on a camera. This is a common occurrence that happens to victims from all sides of the political spectrum. It's already illegal, but perhaps there should be a specific charge for this that leads to dismissal of the guilty police officer. Citizen journalists and photographers are important in a free society.

You can follow Pope Francis' inaugural Mass on Xt3's Conclave Blog, but you have to get up at some ungodly hour so... probably not.

Swedish officials baffled that abortion rate rises despite access to morning-after pill. Sales of the Morning After Pill have doubled, but the abortion rate has increased. They can't figure it out. Here's the truth: Contraception creates an illusion. Reality does not live up to those expectations.