Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VIDEO: Fr. Raymond Gravel's Lawsuit Against LSN

Brian Lilley interviews Sun News interviews John Henry Westen about Fr. Raymond Gravel's lawsuit against LifeSiteNews.

I cannot believe there isn't a bishop in the whole world who will not say anything in support of LSN.

Important background info: Why Fr. Raymond Gravel explains in his own words why he is suing LifeSiteNews.

And by the way, have you donated to LifeSiteNews, yet?

I think it's shameful that in spite of everything LSN has done for the pro-life movement, they have to beg like they do.

If we don't fund our own team, the forces of abortion win. It's as simple as that. Can you name any other organization that has done more for pro-lifers in Canada? No. If we can't fund a decent news gathering organization, we don't deserve to win. Seriously, how do we expect to suffer any kind of true martyrdom for the right to life (which is what we will need to win) if each one of us who is gainfully employed cannot spare five bucks for LifeSite?

I know some of you are trying to "get by". This is not aimed at you. I'm not trying to guilt trip you as you try to figure out how to pay this month's bills.

I'm talking to people who buy four dollar coffee, drive a SUV (and don't have to) and have money for their hobbies and luxury items. You pay over $50 for cable?

Yeah, I'm talking to you.
Can't you spare five bucks in this lenten season?

If you've ever passed on a LSN news article-- and that's about 100% of the online pro-life community-- then you should help them.

Get out the credit card.  Don't be stingy. I don't care if I sound mean. We got to do this.