Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brazilian Priest Excommunicated for Being Too Liberal

Not for being liberal-- just too liberal.

In one of the recent videos he posted on YouTube.com and his own Website, the priest said a married person who chose to have an affair, heterosexual or otherwise, would not be unfaithful as long as that person's spouse allowed it. "If someone is in an extramarital relationship and that relationship is accepted by the spouse, then faithfulness still exists there," he said.

Here's my beef.

How does it get to that point?

How does someone with beliefs even close to that level of immorality get ordained?

Who the heck is responsible for that guy entering the priesthood?

I so wish someone would stick a  mic underneath the nose of the bishop responsible and ask: how is it that you ordained this guy. What were you thinking?

I would love to have that conversation with a bishop.

I know. Never gonna happen.