Thursday, April 04, 2013

Catholic Marries Man and is Removed from Ministry: How Did it Get This Far?

Coppola claims that he had been an open homosexual in his parish for years. Even his pastor, he alleges, knew of his engagement in the homosexual lifestyle but permitted Coppola to serve in leadership positions, including as an altar server, religious education teacher for children preparing for confirmation, and lector.

Bishop William Murphy of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York, received a written complaint about Coppola. A diocesan official passed it on to Coppola’s pastor saying, “While not on a witch hunt, I know it would be of concern to you if a catechist were, in fact, ‘married’ as described.


“In this situation, the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage is that the sacrament of marriage is between one man and one woman,” diocesan Director of Communications, Sean Dolan explained to “When this man became civilly married, it’s inconsistent with the Church’s teaching on marriage.”

“When you hold yourself to be a teacher, a public figure, lector or Eucharistic Minister, it sends an incorrect signal to people about the Church’s teaching on marriage,” he added.

Dolan responded to a question from LifeSiteNews by saying the church had not acted when it learned Coppola was a homosexual, because “he’s civilly married, and marriage is a public action.”

But being an open homosexual ISN'T a public action?

This smells.

Yes, I'm happy that the Church removed this man from parish activity.

But the Church has been extremely unfair to him.

He was an open homosexual, and the fact that no one said anything about his behaviour created the impression that it was okay for him to engage in same-sex relations.

What would have been fair is if this had been done when it became known that he was an open homosexual.

Then there would not have been any false impressions.

But since no one acted, it's only normal he feels jilted.

And now only when he goes through a same-sex marriage -- a potentially embarrassing situation-- and someone complains-- is he removed from ministry.

No, the bishop and the pastor aren't on a witch hunt. It's the opposite. They blinded themselves to this man's activity, as if dating a man isn't problematic. It's easier to say nothing (and do nothing), I suppose.