Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gosnell is Not the Only One! Ten Other Notorious Abortionists

Kermit Gosnell may be the most extreme example of criminal and unethical behaviour among abortionists.

But he far from the only one.

Below are the names of notorious abortionists who made the news in recent memory.

I chose them for:
  • Their illegal behaviour;
  • Their unsanitary practices;
  •  Their unethical medical conduct.
  • Their willingness to do really late late-term abortions.

It took me about thirty mintues to search LifeSiteNews and come up with these names. These are the ones we know about. There are undoubtedly more out there.

The question is: will abortion advocates weed them out of their industry?

1. Robert Alexander

Practiced abortion in disgusting clinics, one of which, it is alleged, did not even have running water. His clinic Women's Medical Services, in Muskegon, MI, was shut down by the Fire Marshal for several violations. Numerous people have affirmed that he performed medical duties under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He served prison time for having dispensed illegal prescriptions for weight loss drugs. The former Chairman of the Michigan Medical Board was alleged to have covered up for him by blocking investigations into botched abortions. He now works for the Detroit Department of Health at an STD clinic.

Stained equipment in an abortion clinic right next to an examination table
Equipment Women's Medical Services in Muskegon, MI where Robert Alexander practiced abortion.

2. Raymond Showery

Abortionist Raymond Showery
Died in 2013. In 1979 he was sentenced to fifteen years for drowning an infant abortion survivor born at 5-to-7 months gestation. At first he tried to smother her with the placenta but then dropped her into a bucket of water. In 1984, while out on bail pending an appeal, he killed a 28-year-old patient after perforating a uterine artery.

3. Steven Chase Brigham

In 2011, he was charged with 11 counts of murder in relation to illegal late-term abortions. He would begin the abortion procedure in Voorhees, New Jersey, where late-term abortions are illegal, then transport the labouring women in to his clinic in Elkton, Maryland to finish the job. He did not have a Maryland medical license. The murder charges were eventually dropped in 2012 as the prosecutor could not establish that the babies were post-viability.  In the 2010 raid that led to Brigham's arrest for murder police had removed 35 frozen fetuses from the freezer of his Maryland clinic. He has also served 120 days in jail for Medicaid fraud.

4. Nicola Riley

An employee of Steven Chase Brigham who worked in his clinic in Maryland. She perforated a uterus of a patient, which sent her to the hospital. She was reported to the police and eventually a raid on the clinic uncovered numerous fetuses in the freezer, one said to be as old as 36 weeks. She was accused of murder for having performed a post-viability abortion, but those charges were dropped because the prosecution did not believe it could establish that the babies were post-viability. It was subsequently revealed that she had lied a felony when applying for a medical license in several states. She had not revealed that she served 30 months for felony credit card fraud. She is now banned from medical practice.

5. Shelley Sella

She botched a 35-week abortion in a clinic setting (as opposed to a hospital), but the New Mexico Medical Board dropped the disciplinary case against her. The baby in this abortion ruptured the mother's uterus through a c-section scar and ended up partially in the abdominal cavity. She had surrendered her medical license in Kansas, after it was revealed during a disciplinary hearing for Ann Kristin Neuhaus that the abortions she had performed there were illegal. One abortion involved a 26-week baby to whom Sella delivered the fatal injection.

6. Leroy Carhart

He is probably best remembered for having sued the government in Carhart vs. Gonzalez to oppose the partial birth abortion ban.In one hearing he described how he dismembered a fetus he knew to be alive. He has been implicated in the deaths of Christin Gilbert, and more recently that of Jennifer Morbelli, a young mother who died from a 33-week abortion.  His Germantown, Maryland abortion clinic is being investigated for illegal dumping of biomedical waste. In 2009, affidavits filed by former employees  of his former clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska, contain a number of accusations including: use of untrained staff, post-viability abortions,stolen drugs, blood-stained instruments, and Carhart's chemical impairment while on duty.

carhart mill 2.jpg
Leroy Carhart's old clinic in Bellevue, Nebraska

7. James Pendergraft

Has a very extensive rap sheet. He is best known for a $36.7 million judgement against him after botching an abortion that left a baby with serious disabilities. His Florida license has been suspended four times. He ran a late-term abortion business that advertized on the internet. The business amounted to him injecting an unborn baby with a deadly chemical and then sending the woman away to deliver the baby in a hospital. It was shut down in 2012. In 2005, Pendergraft's Orlando clinic did not help Angele her son, Baby Rowan, who was born live after a late-term abortion.   In a complaint filed to Florida authorities, it was alleged that there was blood on the walls and the floor.
Baby Rowan, killed at James Pendergraft's clinic in Orlando, FL.

8. Randall Whitney

 An associate of James Pendergaft.  During a 2011 lawsuit which implicated himself and Prendergaft, he admitted that during abortions, babies were born in the toilet and left to wriggle until they died. He was cited for having directed untrained staff to perform medical duties during an abortion. The infant survived but was profoundly disabled. In 2011 he pleaded no contest to the charge of having slapped a patient.

Joseph Booker

9. Joseph Booker 

In 1999, he served in prison for tax evasion. Later that year, a local resident purchased a unit from him that contained 36 bags of fetal remains. In 2012, a judged ordered him to pay $600 000 in damages to a former client who developed sepsis and fell into a coma. He did not even bother to show up at the trial. He sued the clinic in Jackson, Mississippi that employed him for wrongful dismissal and racial discrimination.

10. Alberto Hodari

Retired in 2013. He is linked to four deaths including that of Regina Johnson, for which he was fined a paltry $10 000. Real Choice lists a number of allegations against him, and he has been named in over 50 lawsuits. His clinics were widely known to be unsanitary. In 2008, prolife activist Monica Miller several bodies aborted babies in the dumpster behind his clinic in Lathrup Village, Michigan. In 2010 he admitted to restraining a woman who asked him to stop an abortion.

Officials cleaning up the dumpster behind Alberto Hodari's abortion clinic in Lathrup Village