Monday, April 08, 2013

Health Canada Recalls Birth Control Pill Alysena

Or why people who cannot afford to get pregnant should never rely on the birth control pill (I'm looking at you, teens!).

According to Apotex, Alysena is supposed to provide one week of placebo pills in the 28-day cycle. In these packages, the lot number contains two weeks’ worth instead. The first two rows are placebos, the urgent recall note says.

The recall warns that ingestion of only 14 tablets instead of 21 “would most likely result in reduced efficacy for contraception.”

If you can't afford to get pregnant (economically or otherwise) you shouldn't be having sex.

Contraception is never fullproof.

All vaginal intercourse between two fertile opposite-sexed individuals has the potential to conception.

Babies should be welcome in the womb, not killed.