Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mother Teresa’s Miami soup kitchen harassed by the powerful

Government-- the problem to every solution:

Apparently the sisters had never obtained a permit for feeding — for free and without using public funds — hundreds of homeless who see in their eyes the universal symbol of compassion and dignity represented by Mother Teresa.

“What kind of violation are we doing?” asked convent superior Lima Marie. “Taking care of the homeless and feeding them is a violation?”

The sisters felt intimidated because the notice ends with a threat: operating “a business without all required licenses is illegal under state and city law and is punishable by criminal arrest and/or closing the business.”

City officials — who did not return my calls for comment — are trying to stop street-feeding programs. Due to zoning restrictions imposed by the city, the relocated Camillus House, also near Jackson, is no longer able to feed people who just knock on the door unless they are registered clients.

 Personally, I prefer such programs to say, panhandling. Which is what you get around here.

I'd much rather give my money to sisters who feed people because then I know the money is going towards food.

If the poor have nowhere to go, they will panhandle more and steal. 

But I guess since this isn't a government operation, it's no good. *eyeroll*.