Thursday, April 11, 2013

Translation of Alexandre Boulerice's Vimy Ridge Blogpost

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The perfectionist in me compels to correct a few minor things.---


Recently, authorities have celebrated the important role that Canadian soldiers played in that sordid battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917. At that time, thousands of poor buggers [fellows] were massacred in order to take a hill. Cut down too young, [they were] taken from their lives and their loves.

Why? Because Canada was under the orders of Great Britain, and the latter responded to the call from France, which was involved in a struggle with William II's Germany.

Why? Because these two European nations were in a struggle to the death for primary resources, for colonies, for foreign markets. A war between the bourgeois who wanted to make more money. A purely capitalist war [fought] on the backs of workers and peasants.

Note that today no one thinks about it. What good would it do? There is only 'sacrifice' and 'bravery' to celebrate.

You will hear even less that at the time, the only people who refused this butchery and to have rejected this "Sacred Union" within each nation were communist militants.

Cruel but typical look [back] at history: History's losers can never have been right. Even against barbarity and inhumanity.

Taken from Presse-toi à gauche


My take on the story? It's a non-story.