Thursday, April 11, 2013

Unwanted Pregnancy is Not a Social Injustice

Anthony Furey:

Victimization feminists have no goals to get on with, aside from railing against injustice. They define themselves through their victimhood. So when there isn’t injustice, they look for things to distort into injustice. They need the glass ceiling so they have something to fly into like a disoriented bird. And then complain about it afterwards.

One of the ways feminists have distorted normal situations into a form of injustice is by framing unwanted pregnancy as a form of social injustice.

Feminists are always implying-- if not outright stating-- that a woman's body is in and of itself an injustice because men can experience sexuality without consequences (or so they think), but women cannot. So it's patently unfair that men can sleep around and women can't without being subjected to unwanted pregnancy.

It never occurs to them that

1) It's the men sleeping around that's wrong and that THAT is what should be denounced;

2) That you are ultimately responsible for your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a foreseeable consequence even if the risk is reduced (not eliminated!) by contraception.If you get pregnant through your own consensual activity you are ultimately responsible (with your partner). That you did not want to be pregnant doesn't mean it's unfair. That you were born with a uterus is not unfair. Just because you WANT pregnancy-free sex doesn't mean pregnancy is unfair. Justice is a matter to natural entitlement. You are not entitled to be born without a uterus. The universe doesn't owe you sexual pleasure. If you want it, then you do it at your own risk, and if you risk it and become pregnant, then you assume the consequences of your actions.

Feminists can't accept that women carry the burden of pregnancy, whereas men don't. They don't want to work with female biology instead of against it. They think that people are entitled to have it as easy as other groups. i.e. women should have it as easy as men.

There's nothing inherent in the design of the universe that makes that type of equality an entitlement

Feminists simply want power that they don't have and that they do not naturally have or have not earned.

That's all feminism is. Unequal power is an injustice, and they think they have the right to equal power.

The sad thing is that they are really blind to the reality that empowerment comes from accepting the natural design of the universe. You cannot fight female biology. You cannot fight human nature. It's once you accept the facts of reality that you can worth with them to empower yourself.

Have you ever noticed that social conservative women don't typically feel like victims, even though they are involved with social conservative men and therefore should be the most oppressed? But feminists, who typically ally themselves with liberal men and women-- and therefore should be in the most supportive environment-- are constantly aware of their own victimization even though they supposedly have the psychological tools to resist their alleged oppression?

Why is that?

Social conservative women accept reality and work within it (at least a lot of them do...)

Feminists don't and are basically railing against things they can't change. That's why they are constantly eaten up by the unfairness of it all. That the world doesn't correspond to an ideal that they made up is somehow a profound violation of their human dignity.

When you understand the universe is not unfair for not being the way you like, and you accept its design, you can genuinely empower yourself and.. even more importantly... be a lot happier!

[And I want to add that when I say unwanted pregnancy is not a social injustice, I'm not talking about pregnancy resulting from rape...which is a whole other discussion.]

And I make this point of course because the social injustice of unwanted pregnancy is what fuels the so-called abortion rights movement. When you understand that unwanted pregnancy is not an injustice, there is much less imperative for a so-called right to abortion.