Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Henry Morgentaler is Dead

No, I'm not glad he's dead.

I prayed for his soul every day.

I started praying for him because our Lord commends us to "pray for our enemies" and I couldn't think of a bigger enemy of our cause.

I found that praying for Morgentaler made me less angry at him, notwithstanding my profound disagreement with what he did.

People think that if you oppose a child-killer, you want bad things to happen to him.

I didn't want bad things to happen to him. I only wanted good things to happen to him, notwithstanding the evil he did.

Because that's what "praying for your enemies" means. You don't want them to suffer, to perish. You want God's blessing on them even if they don't deserve it because God had mercy on you.

I'm only sorry he didn't live long enough to public repent of killing unborn children.

I fear for his soul, but I hold out hope my prayers had some effect.

UPDATE: LifeSite article on Morgentaler's death. I remember Jim Hughes telling a Campaign Life Coalition meeting that he was on speaking terms with Morgentaler. He told the story that one time, he was at a restaurant, and Morgentaler walked in, they exchanged friendly greetings. The restaurant patrons were astonished. But Jim wanted to keep the lines of communications open.