Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Legalizing Abortion in Nepal Facilitated Sex-Selection Abortion: Study

From a study in the British Medical Journal:

Main outcome measure:

Conditional sex ratios (CSRs) were calculated, specifically the CSR for second-born children where the first born was female. This CSR is where evidence of sex- selective abortion will be most visible. CSRs were looked at over time to assess the impact of legalisation as well as for population sub-groups in order to assess trends and identify characteristics of women using sex selection.


From 2007 to 2010 the CSR for second-order births where the first born was a girl was found to be 742 (95% confidence interval 599 to 913). Before abortion was legalised (1998 to 2000) the same CSR was 1021 (906 to 1150). After legalisation the CSR dropped most amongst educated and richer women, especially in urban areas. Indeed, just 325 girls were born for every 1,000 boys amongst the richest urban women.


The abrupt fall in CSRs witnessed post legalisation indicates that sex-selective
abortion has become common. This research also indicates that legalising abortion can have a
substantial effect on sex ratios, even if sex-selection is specifically prohibited.

It's funny but feminists will demand sex-based quotas in numerous fields.

But when it comes to the population of a country, well NO we mustn't legislate on that.

And I realize that sex-selection abortion is illegal in Nepal (unlike in Canada).

However, if it were legal, the situation would be even worse.