Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NAF Has the Gall to React to Gosnell, Too

And not say a damned word about the babies.

It's all about the women!

Even when it's not!

But additional regulations are not necessary—abortion was already highly regulated in Pennsylvania, and no level of restrictions would have stopped Gosnell, as he blatantly chose to operate outside of established standards of care and the law.

But those restrictions and regulations helped nail the bastard.

Laws don't stop every criminal, but they impose consequences when they do commit crime.

As if Gosnell shouldn't go to jail for killing a baby in the womb over 24 weeks!

NAF members must complete a rigorous application process, including a site visit, and must comply with our Clinical Policy Guidelines, which set the standards for quality abortion care in North America. Women can be assured of receiving high-quality care at NAF member facilities.

But if the applicant fails the inspection badly, you won't report him to the police.

Look pro-choice, either swallow your pride and condemn the killing of three babies, or just go slink into a corner and shut up. Have a heart for the real victims or just say nothing at all.