Sunday, May 05, 2013

One blogger's shrewd advice to Kermit Gosnell

Dear Kermit, may I call you Kermit? I have heard you are in a spot of bother for killing babies in your abortion practice. They say you slit the necks of some babies after they were born alive, and that your abortion clinic pipes and toilets were choked with babies’ body parts. I guess you must be feeling very frustrated that you are being discriminated against when others are practically doing the same thing. Anyway, I write this letter to give you some advice: you should come to Canada. We have no law on abortion, just like China and North Korea and our abortionists are feted and praised in the media. One abortionist has even been called a hero and received Canada’s highest honour, The Order of Canada.

He could have a future here. If he is found innocent.

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