Sunday, June 16, 2013

Death with Dignity... A Slippery Slope

From a guest blog from the REAL Women of Canada Facebook page:

For several years now we have been bombarded with the notion of death with dignity. This used to mean dying surrounded by family, under proper medical care, with attention to pain relief. Dignity will now be used to bludgeon us into conformity when it comes to society’s view of who ‘needs’ help to hasten dying. Of course, it will begin with individuals who think they are the final authority on their own lives but sooner than later, it will be others who will decide “need”, “value” and “suffering”.

Abortion on demand also baptized the Canadian culture and conscience as Christianity was being replaced by secularism. It has led to unpunished infanticide. All this while everybody was looking but no one could see. At what cost will euthanasia change our culture? Who will remember the days when dignity was understood differently? Will Canada be able to turn back from the lies of safe, legal and rare?