Saturday, June 22, 2013

I need feminism like I need a hole in my head

Oz Conservative highlights a campaign by Cambridge University feminists to get feminists to explain why they need feminism.

Some of those pics are awful and stupid. You're a feminist because girls rule the world? Wouldn't that preclude the need for feminism? *Eyeroll*.

"I need feminism because I'm still expected to 'be a man'." What's wrong with that? Manhood is a great thing. It's not something feminists should undermine, it's something men should adopt and be proud of.

Some men have trouble with masculinity. That's understandable. Their inability to adopt a masculine identity shouldn't mean that masculinity is bad.

It means they need help being masculine.

Instead of recognizing the obvious, feminism tries to affirm people in their inadequacies and blind people to the obvious.

The dumb thing is that you do not need to adopt the ideology of feminism to feel safe, to oppose harassment, or even affirm that homosexuality is okay (not that I do, but you don't need to be a feminism to do it.)

If that's the case, then feminism is not necessary.