Thursday, June 20, 2013

If minority positions are extremist, Joyce Arthur is an extremist

From Activate:

When Canadians label themselves as ‘pro-choice,’ they don’t mean it the same way Arthur does. Most believe there actually are some restrictions on abortion access and that those limits on access are reasonable. For example, the same survey reveals that nearly half of Canadians believe that abortion is only accessible during the first trimester. When they say they are pro-choice, they are pro-choice in that they support a law they wrongly believe exists.


The accusation that the media was being too balanced in its coverage of Morgentaler’s death is a ridiculous claim. Even by Arthur’s own analysis of the media coverage, a significant number of stories – 37 per cent of those she reviewed - didn’t include interviews with pro-life Canadians. But if “extreme” or minority positions should be ignored by the media, than by her own standard, Arthur is the one who should be excluded from engaging with the media. Ever. Again.

Large numbers of people in Canada are pro-life, mostly pro-life or sympathetic with pro-life sentiment.

Being balanced means representing the views of at least two sides of the debate, even if we don't like them.

Joyce Arthur and other abortion militants of her ilk want to pretend that the abortion debate is over, as if practically nobody objects to fetuses being killed at any stage of gestation.

It's her self-serving way of trying to stuff the debate.

Via: ProWomanProLife