Monday, June 17, 2013

Man arrested after kids trash his father-in-law's house

A man in Clyde, N.Y., is facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child after he locked four kids in a closet for vandalizing his father-in-law’s home. Jeff Daniels said he corralled the kids — ages 8 to 10 — in the closet while he waited for police to arrive. He estimates the children did $50,000 worth of damage to the house’s walls, cupboards and cabinets using hammers and paint.

Daniels told 13WHAM it was 9 p.m. on a Saturday when his wife told him she heard noises coming from her father’s home next door. He told her to call 911 while he went over to check it out. Inside, he found four children destroying the house.

“So I grab the one hammer and the other three [boys] got hammers, now I don't know what to do here, I said you guys put that stuff down, what are you doing? Now they're startled because now they're caught,” Daniels said. "I was fortunate that they were in that room that had a closet, so I put them in the closet. I said listen you guys are staying here until the police come, period.”


On Monday police returned to Daniels’ home to arrest him on four counts of child endangerment. Children of the parents pressured authorities to make the arrest, claiming Daniels grabbed one child by the neck and threatened others with the hammer.

He grabbed your precious little boy by the neck, did he?

You're lucky that's ALL he did.

And they have the gall to file charges!

You have got to be kidding me!

But of course, it's that attitude that encourages kids to behave that way.