Monday, June 03, 2013

Pope Francis: Sinfulness and Corruption

Excerpt from his homily:

“They slowly slipped on that autonomy, the independence in their relationship with God: ‘We don’t need a Master: he shouldn’t come and disturb us!’ And we go forward with this. These are the corrupt! These were sinners like all of us, but they have taken a step beyond that, as if they were confirmed in their sin: they don’t need God! But this is only on the outside, for in their genetic code a relationship with God still exists. And since they can’t deny this, they make 'a special god': they themselves are god. These are the corrupt.”

I love that man.

He humbles me.

Just as I think I understand the Catholic Faith and Catholic spirituality, he comes out of left field with something I'd never thought about, but something so true, so applicable, that opens new vistas for me in my spiritual thinking.

I don't feel like such a know-it-all when I read him.

And as he humbles me, he prepares me to receive Jesus.

That's why I love that man.