Saturday, June 08, 2013

Prime Minister Harper Increasingly Hostile to ProLife Activism in Caucus: Political Scientists

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Two political scientists, Paul Thomas and Jerald Sabin, gave this paper at the annual meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, June 4-6, 2013.

In it, they argue that Stephen Harper is increasingly hostile to pro-life activism within caucus, and that he will not allow members to re-open the abortion debate.

So here's the deal: if your Conservative MP carries the ball on pro-life issues, vote for him or her.

Otherwise: Don't vote Conservative.

I realize it could mean a worse government.

But the thing is if we never punish, we will never, ever get what we want politically.

We must suffer through a worse government to teach conservatives a lesson. If we do not teach that lesson, they will never do what we want them to.

Conservative candidates and MP's must learn that their jobs depend on carrying out our agenda.

Allowing abortion to be debated is not too much to ask.