Monday, June 17, 2013

Scientists are Working on Producing Human Organs in the Cell

Using the patient's own stem cells.

I am keen to see this research come to fruition.

There are many well-intentioned people who push for organ donations.

The problem is that most organs can only be harvested when the patient is not truly dead. The current legal definition of "death" does not include "all cessation of bodily activities". If doctors waited for that to happen, the organs would not be usable.

Some body parts are being created artificially, but they are mostly small-- like blood vessels.

Lungs and livers are still at least a decade away.

Perhaps this may tie in to the euthanasia debate.

I suspect that people who have usable organs may feel pressure to die-- they're more valuable dead than alive.

Artificial organs may also alleviate the pain and suffering of people who would otherwise want to die.

This is well worth keeping an eye on.