Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How Atheists Argue

Especially on Twitter.

This is my favourite:

In the court of law, evidence does not imply guilt. For something to count as evidence, it would have to meet only a very light criteria. Namely, it would have to increase the probability that this person was guilty. In the same way, if some element of the world increases the probability that God exists, it would count as evidence for his existence. Do not concede any point like this, ever. There is nothing in the world that raises the probability that God exists. There is no evidence. Repeat that. Write it down again and again until it is your personal slogan.

No evidence what-so-ever. Not the logical impossibility of God's non-existence. Not the mathematical improbability of the universe arising from random forces. Not the arguments from motion or contigency. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.