Thursday, August 22, 2013

Study Examines Abortion Providers as Stigmatizers

From an abstract:
Results Seventy-nine abortion providers participated in 34 workshop sessions at seven U.S. abortion centers. Some providers expressed disapproval of patients who identified as pro-life or whose reasons for abortion they did not agree with (e.g., sex selection). Providers expressed frustration with women who had multiple abortions or relied on abortion, not contraception, for fertility control. These feelings were often tied to patients’ use of public funds for care. Conversely, providers also questioned the parenting ability of some patients — especially teens and those with addiction—and negatively judged decisions not to have an abortion. Providers also judged patients’ partners and the quality of their relationships. Many providers acknowledged their judgmental attitude and actively tried to prevent it from interfering with patient care.

Just interesting. Providers appear to have opinions similar to that of the mainstream general public.

Bonnington, A.
Abortion providers as stigmatizers: provider judgment and stereotyping of patients seeking abortion
Contraception , Volume 88 (3) Elsevier – Sep 1, 2013