Friday, August 09, 2013

The Question Being Ignored in the REAL Woman/John Baird Controversy

Why is the Canadian government funding foreign special interest groups?

Where is the money going?

I tried looking it up on the DFAIT website.

I came across the Glyn Berry Program, which appears to be the program most likely to have funded the foreign special interest groups in question.

I tried to find the "Proactive Disclosure" page to see who was receiving money.

The link is dead at the time of posting.

I have other commitments today and it's a bit tough to do research this "advanced" with four kids hanging around me.

I thought perhaps some other blogger out there might wish to pursue the money trail.

This story should normally not be news.

But because it pits one section of the conservative movement with another, the liberal media is all over it, hoping to weaken it.