Friday, August 30, 2013

UPDATE: On Fr. Raymond Gravel

Fr. Raymond Gravel

Let's just say that when I wrote in a previous update that Fr. Gravel DID NOT have cancer, it was NOT the truth.

I have my source. Notwithstanding Fr. Gravel's protests to the contrary.

But he did not lie, either.

I apologize for any grief this post may cause.

I understand that given the nebulousness of my statement, people may feel they cannot give my statement complete adherence.

I completely understand. I still needed to speak the truth.


It appears that we have had a visit from Fr. Raymond Gravel.

He assures us that the story about him having lung cancer is false.

I find this situation very mysterious. Why would someone spread false information about l'Abbé Gravel?

Mind you, a number of clergy have been the victims of facebook hackers recently, including some pretty big names like Archbishop Chaput.

I have learned from a reliable source that Fr. Raymond Gravel is suffering from lung cancer.

It has metastasized to his bones.

The information comes from the La Victoire de l'Amour facebook page.

La Victoire de l'Amour is a Catholic television program that comes on TVA at odd hours of the day-- usually when you'd expect infomercials.

Fr. Raymond Gravel is best known for having been a Bloc Québécois MP and then forced to step down by the Vatican for not having the proper permissions. He is also suing and Campaign Life Quebec for defamation for $500 000. He said he is doing it because of their efforts to expose Development and Peace.

We must pray for him.