Thursday, August 29, 2013

Way to Go Feminists: Men Irresponsible as Ever

Destiny at New Wave Feminists rages against radical feminists, the inspiration behind the BroChoice article teaching guys how to manipulate women into having an abortion:

See, forty years ago you "won" us the right to choose life or death for our offsprings, and now the inevitable has happened- frat boys with the emotional depth of a clogged urinal have managed to duplicate their one pathetic brain cell, and wise up just enough to demand their own dose of equality by asking for the right choose as well. And I mean, can we really blame them? They did the same deed, sowed the same seed, so why shouldn't they get a say? What, like when you kill your children it's all cute and delicate and shiz, but when they want the very same thing it suddenly becomes a mean, manly, lumberjacky abortion? Shooo gurl, that's sexist. And you know better.

Not really keen on the proposal in her blog. Because feminists in the future may well agree with "Men's abortion rights" (and yes that is a "real" concept.)

I say we just engage in equal opportunity slut-shaming. Sexual activity that has no eye to the responsibility it entails should be shamed.