Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Need a Different Approach to Same-Sex Attraction

Dale O'Leary at Crisis Magazine:

Just as there are AA groups in every community, pregnancy help centers in every city, and sidewalk counselors in front of every abortion clinic, there need to be support groups and therapists in every part of the country dedicated to helping men and women with SSA and sexual identity disorders find their way to freedom.


While persons with SSA didn’t choose their temptations, there is nothing merciful about leaving them to struggle with such temptations alone, or pretending that resisting them is easy. Such men need specific help. If the Church has failed in the past to provide such help, we need to repent and remedy the situation

I fully support this approach.

I have the sinking suspicion that many will not be on board because of their nominal (at best) support of Church doctrine.

One of the things that make homosexuality less of a cause for the Church than abortion is that abortion kills people, where homosexuals victimize themselves and each other.

There is also the fact that homosexuality is far less prevalent than abortion and alcoholism.

And because homosexuality is far less prevalent than abortion and alcoholism, the number of people to take the lead on this issue is small.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be done.

I'm trying to explain why it hasn't.

And possibly why it'll be harder to implement.

But I think it would add a lot more credibility to the Church's stance.

If we reach out to homosexuals, there are bound to be many who will show up and see we're not out to get them.

We want what's good for them.

We care.

As opposed to being the caricatures that they make us out to be.

Among the strongest allies in the  fight for fetal rights have been post-abortive women.

Ex-gays can help us a lot if we help and encourage them.