Wednesday, September 18, 2013

After Years of Telling Men They Have No Say in Abortion...

“We want men on our team, not only at the elected level but at the grassroots level too."

Says President of NARAL.

Isn't that rich?

They now wants to include men in the conversation.

Now that they're losing.

Telling men to buzz off didn't work for you, did it?

Ben Sherman, a senior staff writer at the political blog Burnt Orange Report (and a former ThinkProgress intern), published a post in July about why men should stand up against the legislative attempt to restrict reproductive freedom. “The old way of viewing reproductive rights as a women’s issue alone is easier and in some ways encouraged by outdated parts of masculine culture, and it’s wrong,” Sherman wrote.

Gee, ya think?

Plenty of guys still think it's up to the women to take care of her problems, and they're not social conservatives.

Sherman believes the truth about men is actually “much more threatening” to the anti-abortion community than the false notion that abortion rights groups are trying to spin their cause as an avenue for men to get laid

As if there aren't millions of horndogs out there who don't benefit from abortion.