Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pope Benedict Said What Pope Francis Said, More or Less

Except he didn't say it in such a provocative manner. That's the only difference:

“We should not allow our faith to be drained by too many discussions of multiple, minor details, but rather, should always keep our eyes in the first place on the greatness of Christianity. I remember, when I used go to Germany in the 1980s and ’90s, that I was asked to give interviews and I always knew the questions in advance. They concerned the ordination of women, contraception, abortion and other such constantly recurring problems. If we let ourselves be drawn into these discussions, the Church is then identified with certain commandments or prohibitions; we give the impression that we are moralists with a few somewhat antiquated convictions, and not even a hint of the true greatness of the faith appears. I therefore consider it essential always to highlight the greatness of our faith – a commitment from which we must not allow such situations to divert us.”

Pope Benedict XVI to the bishops of Switzerland, 2006

And orthodox Catholics didn't get all upset because Benedict is so safe and predictable (except he wasn't and often surprised the public!).

Francis is not predictable.

H/T: Why I am Catholic