Saturday, October 12, 2013

Australia MP's assaulted at March for Babies

From MSN:

An organiser of the anti-abortion march, Liberal MP Bernie Finn, says he and others from his group were assaulted by pro-choice activists who held a counter-demonstration.

"I was belted in the head but I've still got the remnants of an egg in my hair," he told AAP.

"What we saw today was literally a public mugging on the streets of Melbourne and Victoria Police let it happen.

"We had people being assaulted, being kicked, being stomped on and they sat back and watched."

Victoria Police played down the protests, saying there were a couple of scuffles between opposing groups but these stopped once police intervened.

"No one has been charged with assault and no matters have been brought to the attention of police," a spokeswoman said.

Mr Finn also said Liberal MP Andrew Elsbury was pulled down and stomped on.

He plans to raise the matter with police.

The annual March for the Babies wants the Abortion Law Reform Act - which removed all legal protection for children before birth in 2008 - repealed.

Pro-choice rally organiser Liz Walsh said a counter-rally was arranged to highlight how important it is for women to have the right to choose.

"There was a scuffle and part of that was standing our ground and not wanting to be intimidated by people who want to shame women for having control over their own reproductive lives," she said.

You can view a few pics here.

UPDATE: LifeSite was on it before I was.