Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VIDEO: Brian Lilley Takes on Socialized Daycare

VIDEO: The push for government control of your family

I have numerous beefs with the idea of a national daycare program.

One of them is how it is meant only for 9-5 workers.

When I worked, my shifts often started at 4 pm. So I would have the babysitter come over at 3:30 and she would leave  when my husband got home.

This arrangement worked very well. I didn't need that much supervision for my child. The fact that I didn't need a lot of childcare made my foray into the paid labour market worth the trouble.

But socialists want to take more of our family's money to pay for a system that wouldn't even serve my needs. They insist on institutionalized daycare.
Instituionalize daycare doesn't work for everyone. And I'm not sure I would want a high ratio of children to adults, which is what you often get.

But does my opinion matter? No. Middle class taxpayers such as myself are just piggy banks for leftists. They can rant all they want about corporations and the need to tax them, but the reality is that corporations will always be able to escape taxation, but Middle Class earners can't, so we'll always be the one to foot the bill.