Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Canadian Pro-Lifer Victim of Knife Attack at LifeChain

Tanya Granic Allan writes about it here:

The alleged attacker followed Ms. Arellano and proceeded to throw the contents of his water bottle in her face, followed by the bottle itself. The alleged assailant then grabbed Ms. Arellano by her hair, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to kick and punch her repeatedly. During the alleged battery, Ms. Arellano screamed for someone to notify the police.
 Speaking with Ms. Arellano today, who is recovering from her injuries, she said she instinctively knew to cover her head, close her eyes and block the blows. When her alleged attacker stopped and tried to walk away, Ms. Arellano grabbed his jacket to prevent him from escaping. “I didn't want him get away. The police were going to come and I had to keep him there.” At that point, the alleged assailant drew an estimated 6-inch knife from his jacket and tried to attack with his weapon. Thankfully, another man who happened to be walking by, shielded Ms. Arellano and the alleged attacker lost interest. Upon police arrival on scene, the alleged attacker went to an adjacent alleyway and hid his knife. He was then apprehended by police. Ms. Arellano then disclosed to police that her alleged attacker hid his knife in the alleyway.

More details here.

Cue "she had it coming" lines from pro-aborts.

UPDATE: LifeSiteNews Article