Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From the News That Shouldn't Be News File: Bishop Stands Up to Gay Activists

There now.

Dear bishops of the Western Church:

Was that so hard?

Go forth and do the same.

Love this reaction:
His strong words – and the presence of police officers around and inside the cathedral – scuttled the protest. Not a single sash-bearer sashayed into the sanctuary.

Instead, outraged gay activists turned to the media.

We’re not committing blasphemy. The bishop’s committing blasphemy,” said Rick Garcia, political director of the Civil Rights Agenda, an LGBT pressure group founded by attorney Jacob Meister. “That a bishop would say this about me or my people is outrageous.”

The Catholic Church is the biggest opponent of same-sex marriage.

How is praying for something that goes against her faith not blasphemous?

Want to pray for same-sex marriage? Find another church.