Monday, October 28, 2013

The Misogyny of Fecundophobia

Crisis Magazine:

For more insight into the causes of fecundaphobia, however, we might look to cruder but more honest taunts of Planned Parenthood supporters who smear mothers of large families as “breeders” and “baby factories.” Here the implication is clear: women who embrace their natural fertility are degrading themselves to the level of animals, or even machines. They are allowing their physiology to supersede their rationality. For them, maternity is merely a biological reality. Its moral and spiritual dimensions are overlooked.

Women who have many children are merely "breeders".

It couldn't have possibly been the result of an enlightened choice.

Fertility, the very thing that distinguishes women most from men, is the enemy. It is the source of weakness for women. It must be controlled and ultimately destroyed, otherwise women are at everyone's mercy.

But there's absolutely no misogyny inherent in that worldview. None whatsoever. Because feminists say so and feminists are always right about women.