Friday, October 18, 2013

This is why I don't buy the "choice" mantra

Ever since the abortion debate has become an issue in the West, feminists have been trying to make it about "choice".

As if the debate was really about choice, and not about the morality of killing a fetus.

Now I will grant that some people-- a fringe percentage of the population-- are genuinely in favour of reproductive choice.

Meaning they want all reproductive choices to be legal and they don't want any of them stigmatized.

However, the bulk of people who are in favour of legal abortion are not genuinely pro-choice.

They are pro-abortion.

What do I mean by that?

Consider this banner at public school. It tells teen that they should have no more than two children in order to fight over-population (which is a ridiculous myth).

A genuine pro-choicer should react with "none of your damned business!"

A public school, the epitome of all things liberal and enlightened, should not be telling students what to do with their reproductive lives.

I highly doubt any feminists will take notice or protest.

In fact, many feminists will agree with this sentiment. They think that it's not okay to stigmatize abortion, but if you want to stigmatize having three kids or more, go right ahead.

Which goes to show that the abortion debate has never been about "choice".

Choice is a smokescreen to deflect attention from what abortion consists of. When people understand that it consists of killing a human being, they are far less likely to support it being legal.

So rhetorically, they have to take people's eyes off abortion and tell them it's a woman's choice to do what she wants with her body.

And of course self-interest kicks in. Nobody wants to be told what to do with their body, even if it kills another human being.

But that's what abortion does. And that's why pro-aborts will never focus on what abortion really is. They will always try to deflect attention away from it and make the abortion debate about something else.