Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wanna Prevent Rape? Stop Getting Wasted

Unfortunately, adolescents are very naive about this stuff:
The “Campus Sexual Assault Study” of 2007, undertaken for the Department of Justice, found that the popular belief that many young rape victims have been slipped “date rape” drugs is false. “Most sexual assaults occur after voluntary consumption of alcohol by the victim and assailant,” the report states. But the researchers noted that this crucial point is not being articulated to young and na├»ve women: “Despite the link between substance abuse and sexual assault it appears that few sexual assault and/or risk reduction programs address the relationship between substance use and sexual assault.” The report added, somewhat plaintively, “Students may also be unaware of the image of vulnerability projected by a visibly intoxicated individual.”

“I’m not saying a woman is responsible for being sexually victimized,” says Christopher Krebs, one of the authors of that study and others on campus sexual assault. “But when your judgment is compromised, your risk is elevated of having sexual violence perpetrated against you.”

Cue accusations of slut-shaming and facilitating rape culture.

Look folks, when you facilitate your own victimization in such a blatant manner, you're facilitating rape culture.

Besides, as the article goes on to show, binge drinking is itself inherently dangerous. Oh sure, it's hilarious. Until someone gets hurt.
It should go without saying, but drinking yourself stupid is not very intelligent.