Monday, November 04, 2013

A significant victory for Canada's pro-life movement!

November 4, 2013

Surrey, BC

Delegates at this past weekend’s Conservative Party convention in Calgary voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution that sets their party apart from all others in the House of Commons. The party now officially condemns gender-based abortions.

“This is definitely a victory,” said Mike Schouten, the director of “We worked extremely hard, both inside and outside the convention, to ensure that delegates had the information they needed to make an informed decision.”

Volunteers inside the BMO Centre distributed over 3,000 leaflets during the three-day event and it clearly had an impact on the outcome of the vote. “Party members have now spoken and clearly they want their party to address gender selective abortions,” said Schouten.

While delegates were voting inside, there were 130 women, men and children just outside the BMO Centre who braved the cold, snowy weather to rally in support of the resolution to condemn gender selective abortions. “This country has been known for representing equality, and that’s what we are here for today,” said Rosey Rosenke, one of the organizers for the rally.

“Countries around the world understand that protecting women's rights begins in the womb and we are pleased that Canada’s governing party has now taken the first step in also recognizing this,” said Schouten. “The fact that we were able to ensure this policy was adopted is a clear sign that Canada’s pro-life movement is organized, competent and not to be taken for granted.”

Prime Minister Harper has acknowledged that pro-lifers comprise a significant portion of his base and that they should work on changing “hearts and minds”. That the resolution from Langley passed so easily shows that hearts and minds have changed. “There is a gap between public opinion and public policy in regards to sex-selective abortion,” Schouten went on to say. “Hearts and minds have changed, and we look forward to the government enacting policy which reflects that.”