Saturday, November 23, 2013

Angola Has Banned Islam? -- UPDATED

It is being reported that Islam is now illegal in Angola.

It has not been recognized by the government.

Its mosques are being forced to close.

I've seen a number of links in French on this, but none in English.

This report says that mosques have already been demolished, and the destruction of mosques has become a priority.

I hope Western media can follow up on this!

UPDATE: Poste de Veille  reports that the goal is to fight Islamism.

2nd UPDATE: Interesting Coincidence-- Angolan Bishop fears Church Persecution, especially by Muslims:

The bishop of Luena Diocese, in the eastern Moxico Province, Jesus Tirso Blanco, on Sunday here appealed to Catholic faithful to have the gift of wisdom, aimed at dealing with the persecutions christians have faced in the last ten years.

In his sermon, the prelate said that in more than 2000 years of existence, the Catholic church has never suffered so much persecution, mainly from muslims and other wrong-doers, which has resulted in the destruction of its heritage and attacks on the faithful.

3RD UPDATE on Monday November 25th at 10:22 am:

Found a couple of reports in Portuguese related to this story. One from a news channel in Angola.
Google Translate here:

Disclosure of the Law on religious phenomenon should continue


The Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, said the outreach work of the Law should continue, in order to stem the religious phenomenon, which often interferes with the Angolan culture.

Rosa Cruz e Silva made ​​these statements Tuesday, November 19, 2013 in Luanda, during the meeting with the deputies of the sixth commission of the National Assembly, who were visiting to that ministerial department of the executive.

"What now do work that contributes to create more stability and harmony in our society, because these cults interfere in our cultural matrix, in our way of being and living," he said.

Another website devoted to Angolan news, which had more extensive quotes from the minister, Rosa Cruz:

Google Translate:

The minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva , assured Tuesday in Luanda redoubled to combat witchcraft phenomenon and illegal religious sects efforts .

Responding to questions posed by members of the 6th Commission of the National Assembly , during a working visit to the Ministry of Culture , Rosa Cruz e Silva moved that such an enterprise is being run in partnership with the Ministries of Justice and Interior.

" The religious phenomenon involves several components , including the control of illegal migration and recognition / legalization of religious denominations , which is why the engagement of all it is necessary ," he stressed .

According to the minister , such action would also require the revision of Law 2 / 04 of 21 May concerning freedom of worship , updating it to the current national context , as a way to combat " cerradamente " the emergence of congregations whose worship is contrary the habits and customs of Angolan culture .

With regard to Islam , whose legalization process was rejected by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights , the minister who ran like the others in the same situation , their temples will be closed until further notice .

" All sects contained in published by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Jornal de Angola list are prohibited from conducting worship services , so should keep their doors closed ," he stressed .

Rosa Cruz e Silva currently exist in the country reported 194 cases of sects whose legalization applications were rejected . " In addition to these we also have a long list of over a thousand requests for legalization," he said.

Currently , there are advanced to charge only 83 recognized churches , and three / four with a visible and beneficial action in Angolan society .

During the meeting the Members have several questions / concerns regarding the current state of the culture and functioning of the various departments of the Ministry of Culture .

UPDATE #4 at 12:56 pm on Monday, November 25th.

I think this story of restrictions on Islam is legit.

This story is an interview of an Islamic leader in Angola who is reacting to the closure of 60 mosques in Angola. It is published by what seems to me to be a mainstream magazine, that is owned by a Brazilian group that possesses a number of other outlets.

 Rather than repeat what the Culture minister (Rosa Cruz) has already said, it gets reaction to it.