Saturday, November 30, 2013

Canada's Alcohol Problem: Is it Really About Alcohol?

Robert Fulford writes an interesting editorial about alcohol in Canada.

But I don't think he gets to the heart of the matter.

It is true that problem drinking is a huge problem in our society.

But is the problem really alcohol, or something else?

Why would people want to drink themselves stupid?

To me, this is the problem.

Because even if you ban alcohol, you don't get to the root of the alcohol problem:

People want positive feelings even at the cost of their rationality.

To binge drinkers, it's not considered any big loss. In fact, it's a hindrance.

And now marijuana is gaining more acceptance.

It's only natural, if binge drinking is accepted.

There was a time when drunkenness was something shameful.

Now it's expected. In the minds of many, if you've never gotten drunk you haven't lived.

Personal accomplishments, healthy relationships, and the like, those are of no account.

Getting drunk and having fun is what really matters.

I suspect though that this examination of the roots of problem drinking will not be forthcoming.

Binge drinking is so widespread and so accepted (at least in certain circles) that any examination will surely produce the accusation of being puritanical and too serious.

The reality is that the binge-drinking is result of a spiritual emptiness in our culture. When think that getting drunk is living, it's because they haven't really lived.