Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Doctor Reverses RU486 Abortion

This is an awesome story.

We kept progesterone in our office for fertility treatments, so I told Ashley and her mother my plan and told her the risks. This had never been done, I doubted that it would work, that she could bleed, that the baby could die and then would need to be delivered, or worse. She didn't care about the risks to her. Ashley was ready to do anything to save her baby's life. So I injected her with 200 mg of progesterone. It was a Friday and I told her to come back on Monday.

She started to bleed that weekend and went to the ER. Praise God, they found a heartbeat and Ashley got to see her baby! She was so thankful and felt that even if the baby died, that she had done what she could and was so grateful to see that heartbeat. So she went home and thankfully, the bleeding stopped.

She came back to our office and received progesterone injections twice a week. We became cautiously optimistic with each week that went by. Ashley nervously had her 17-week ultrasound but instead of finding a baby with three arms or other major deformities, her baby looked completely normal!

Week by week, we followed her progress and by week 28, she was off the progesterone and doing fine on her own. Right on time, at full term, Ashley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kaylie! Healthy and full of life! The placenta which had been attacked by the RU-486 was deemed completely normal by the pathologist.